The knock on the door comes just as the other four are beginning to wonder in earnest where Jack is, just as wonder starts to turn to worry. The knock, when it comes, comes with the force and suddenness of a late-spring blizzard, battering the Pole’s solid, heavy oaken doors as though they’re under siege. The blows to the door are accompanied by a shout that is sharp-edged with panic.

"Hey! Is anybody there? We need help!"

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some sketchs I did while listening to Blue Moon, I really liek that song, and this style is quite nice, maybe I should draw pitch this way from now on HUMP!


I doodled my OC, Yue, Sanderson, and some Blacksand during English.

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Drew this during blacksand week (dark sandy) and never bother posting it. I drew this on the back of my notebook on the train home from work.


Just some Oldmen here *wink wink*

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I wanted a dumb fluff model/artist AU. So I wrote one.

Sandy put his glass down on the bar with a soft clack and a sigh. “I shouldn’t have come.”

"Aw, come on, don’t be silly!" Jack reached over to pat Sandy on the back in a way that he probably thought was comforting, before spinning around on the tall stool to wink at their bartender who, Sandy had noticed, was putting on a pretty good show of being annoyed by Jack’s antics, but who smiled every time Jack turned his back. "I brought you out to have a great time, and a great time you will have. Hey! Can we get a couple more vodka shots here, please? We need to get my friend drunk enough to get up and dance."

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Blood Red Sandman

Murder is much more fun with two.

{listen} {art by thismightyneed}

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tejoxys said: I like this. I also like a version of Sandy being this, and then of course all the dark stuff happens to Koz, instead.

Sandy loves all the strange star-stories: the ghosts of shattered ships that sail the endless black between the stars, striking against pirate and Golden Army vessels alike, shying only from the brightness of shooting stars; the dark stars that the sailors of the deep galaxy swear sing to them from the depths; the forgotten constellations on the fringes of the known universe, empty husks of long-abandoned manors, once the homes of the great and glittering, now home to nothing but the curious creatures that survive somehow in the freezing void. He’ll listen for hours as the sailors spin yarns about men they’ve known, men they’ve lost, lured away by the eerie calls of whatever lurks at the heart of the supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy, ignoring the looks and the whispers of the other star pilots.

How can he explain that there is a wonder in these dark tales, a joy that echoes the delight and awe of the people whose wishes he grants? How can he make these lovers of the light understand the beauty in the dark, the thrill in the frightening unknown? He would compare it to the exhilarating feeling of tearing through the star-scoured abyss, speeding along on the edge of flying out of control, never knowing for sure what might lie ahead in the dark, but Sandy knows that he’s earned his reputation as a daredevil even amongst a people whom many of the Golden Age’s peoples find dangerously reckless. If they don’t already understand, then Sandy knows he has no way to show them.

It’s probably fitting, then, that he is the one to see the birth of the Nightmare King, to bear witness to the end of an age that worships light. And even as terror steals over him like the cold beyond the stars, even as the inky shadow of the black ship that will be only the first of many steals across his face, even as he begins to regret, at last, his wild desires to see the star-stories’ strangest for himself, Sandy can’t help but find himself drawn to the terrifying thrill that had run through him at the sight of the Nightmare King’s smile.


like, seriously…

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Sandy/Pitch Masterpost


This is going to be the big one, aye? In chronological order, all the Sandy/Pitch on my blog. Will be updated as needed.

If you don’t see something you remember here, you might want to try looking in my masterpost tag. The dumb edritch abomination stuff got a separate post.

Burgess and Burgess (Gen, hints of Blacksand, Sandman crossover)

Not If He Had Ten Thousand Years (Jack/Pitch, Pitch/Sandy) (4/29)

Terrifyingly Easy (Pitch/Sandy) (5/17)

The silly theme park AU: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Variations on a Theme (Pitch/Sandy) (5/29)

Lost Invitation ([notreally]gen) (6/1)

Cause and Effect (Pitch/Sandy) (6/9)

Unstoppable (Blacksand-ish gen) (6/15)

Options (Pitch/Sandy) (6/18)

Act Surprised (Pitch/Sandman)(6/20)

The Safeword is Fhtagn (Pitch/Sandman) (6/25)

Conduit (Jack/Sandy; Jack/Pitch; Pitch/Sandy) (6/29)


Day 1: Trapped in a Closed Space

Day 3: White Elephant

The Magician Wife and the Heart of Lead (1/2)

The Magician Wife and the Heart of Lead (2/2)

Enemy Mine

Colossus: Part 1/?

Colossus, Part 2/?

Colossus Part 3/? 

Colossus, Part 4/?(look, I think I have to abandon one thing at least in my writing, and this is it. Sorry)

Eternal Sunshine (Bunnymund/Jack Frost; Pitch/Sandy) (7/17)

Beguiled (gen???) (7/22)

vaster than empires and more slow

Checkmate (references to past Pitch/Sandy) (8/7)

For Anafieldelaunay’s Birthday

Oh No, He’s Hot (Pitch/Sandy) (8/27)


Think of Me (Gen; Sandy & Pitch BrOTP at least) (9/20)

The Dream Forest

Xenobiologist flirts with space alien


Cute as F*ck

Halloween Night

The Symbol (Pitch/Sandy) (11/6)

The Awful Edges

Another Halloween drabble

The 8001 Nights

Truce Party Sweet Dreams

In The Center of the Mechanism





The Purification of Pitch Black

I’m too blacksand to function

Pirate captain Sandy and Mermaid Pitch

The Dreameater and Fearspinner don’t care about your meeting

How Old Are You?

Blood Red Blacksand drabble

Drunken Eldritch Constellations

Trickster gods in the Dream Forest

Christmas Rush at Moon Pastries

Oh Christmas Tree

Minor Setback


What It Is Now

It’s A Mystery

The Approach of the Solstice



Gathering Winter Fuel

North vs. The 8000 (mentions of Pitch/Sandy) (12/27)

Askbox fic for whentheoceanmetsky

Hearing, Listening (Bunnymund/Jack Frost; Pitch/Sandy) (1/20)

Wishing on a Star

4000th post AU description

Sandy kidnaps Pitch

Under the Apple Tree

My Blacksand Valentine for You

Wasp Pitch and Honeybee Sandy

Sand Clones

Things (Pitch/Sandy) (3/3)

Pale Words

Old Songs and Fake Stars

Sandy, Tell Me I Won


The Dark Watcher

Sharper Than Eagles’ Claws

Hobbies (Pitch/Sandy) (4/23)

Ganache (from the “Wishing on a Star” AU)

Before (Sandy Week Day 6: Dreams)

Sandy’s a Boxer and Pitch Digs It

The Doors of Perception Extras: 

  1. Sad Drabble
  2. NDU Crossover Part 1
  3. NDU Crossover Part 2
  4. Roswell Incident/Crossover with marypsue’s Dreamland
  5. This fabulous piece by marypsue (inquire within)
  6. 12/25/1986 (TDoP Pairings) (9/25)
  7. Sandy gets them a kitten
  8. Christmas morning drabble
  9. Blame Marypsue
  10. Missing Stars (Pitch/Sandy) (2/5)
  11. Sandy meets his dream self
  12. Costume Jewelry
  13. Space Sheets

A Draught of Light Extras:

  1. When We Knew Who We Were
  2. Your Name
  3. I tell you
  4. I would rather
  5. I have heard
  6. There is a map
  7. I renounced
  8. Shortday at the Luminous Academy

Speak Oil Into My Ear:

  1. Speak Oil Into My Ear (Part 1)
  2. Speak Oil Into My Ear (Part 2)
  3. Speak Oil Into My Ear, Part 3
  4. Something Traditional
  5. Pet Play



FIRST OF ALLL i’m a mess when it comes to style , but i did love this one 

A lovely FemKing from  IONAAHIII silly sketch of her , i love how she looks like a lovely doll !!! also a FEMNIGHTLIGTH!!! from IONAHI  too shes like this childish cute creepy sister , well in the book hes like a  SUPACREEEPY FUCKER WHO CAN SHINE LIKE A FREAKING STAR.

and apologize for the ugly fem pitchs ,was hard to make her in that style .soooo …I MAKE HIM MALE !!LOOK AT THE LAST SKETCHS !FEM KING IS SOO MOTHERFUFER CUTE IN PITCH ARMS !!AM PROUD OF THAT SKETCH!!SOOO PROUD.

Also MEET MA BESTFIREND SMILING GOD !!!!……FEM SMILING GOD  from the beatiful and supatalented (i shall steal ur powars) THISMIGTHYNEED , is the first time i draw a a character whit 6 arms…i love those characters ,and a request from her character FERDINAND whit ma lovely character star baby something 

And ma LORD MANSNOOZIE and her PROTO LADY. mansnoozie u should know NOT to carry her , shes gunna smash yo .

a surfer gurl, a jaguar and a weird horse face doll…UEHUEHEUHE

Style belongs to ME , character to their owners, I ENJOY SOOO MUCH DOIGN THIS !!AM MAKING MOAR!!ALL OF THEM.

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Hmm... goth!Pitch and hippie!Sandy bonding over the fact they both have teddybears on their backpacks dressed in their respective subculture wear. Hope you're feeling better my love <3.


"You have a teddy too!"

Pitch turns at the interruption to his sixty-seven-billionth scan of the con floor for anyone he even vaguely knows, only to see no one who could have interrupted him; he has to look down in order to locate the small, round boy with the tie-dyed t-shirt, golden ponytail, and dreamy, not-quite-present smile who, Pitch notices, is holding up a stuffed bear with similar accoutrements.

Pitch remembers the black bear that he had thought safely stuffed into his coffin-shaped backpack just as he asks, “Do I know you?”; the smaller boy only smiles a little wider, and answers, “No, but I hope you’ll want to.”

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for the aus headcanons, bloodred pair making bbqs to which they invite all they comunity, people tell Pitch he should open a restaurant being such a great cook - elritch coffee shop boyfriends messing up with people pasties causing terrifiying but wonderful secundary effects - North vs the 8000, it end up in everybody eating waffles at breakfast in las vegas and a vacation week paid by the goverment - angel!sandy au (angel as in ball of light cover in dozen of wings and fliying rings on fire)


I’m going to do these each in a post of their own. First up: barbecue season!

"This is amazing,” the woman from down the street, the one with the truly atrocious perm and the small dog that always seems about one wrong look away from lunging at someone’s throat (Pitch can’t remember her name, thankfully has limited interactions with her, Sandy is much better at people) coos in a kind of rapture, licking barbecue sauce off of her fingers. “I mean, everyone says writers aren’t paid enough, why don’t you pack it in and become a chef somewhere?”

Sandy, over on the other side of the patio sharing a drink with a small knot of polo-shirted young fathers from the neighbourhood, catches Pitch’s eye and winks; Pitch feels his smile turn from a forced grimace to an easy, genuine grin as he jokes, “No, no, I couldn’t ever run the risk of having someone else discover my secret ingredient.”

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Mini-fic for luigigrivera!


@xxdaimonxx informed me that a prompt from @luigigrivera for a three sentence fic went astray, and that they were feeling down, so I’ve written a mini-fic to try and make up for that <3.

In which Lord Mansnoozie asks the Lady Proto out, after a fashion.


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