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[magical AU blacksand with teeny faerie sandy and a centaur Pitch. idk, I originally thought of Sandy kinda like some sort of fertility faerie but then again I never really looked into much about whether they look a certain way bUT WHATEVER. i don’t care i do what i want and i wanted magical AU blacksand. /rolls into the sun]

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There is some interesting cosmic irony about the fact blacksand have two sort of a dramedy crack fics about mpreg of around the same lenght (over 37k words like woahhhh)

One in which Sandy is carring the bundle of joy and everything is a bit weird yet mostly nice and domestic but which final just cripple you emotionally in all senses and is a horrible thing because you never see it coming……

And then the one in which Pitch is the knocked up one and talk unstoppable madness, arrange all guardians in a eventual gang beating of the Leprechaun and is more of gen type of deal with some nice sprinkles of blacksand here and there…and is the happy one that did made me feel really better!


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RotG Fanfic: ‘Pregnant Pitch is be Cray’


More funny fic, beta’d by Vihtalaini.

Summary: Life is never simple for Pitch. Meaning life is never simple for the Guardians. An alt continuation of 'Purdy'.

Posted for St. Patrick’s Day because reasons.

Read it on Ao3.

Or click to read below

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you guys don’t really know how much I like to draw Ferdinand, I actually would like to draw him a whole bunch all time, his desing is the cutest thing ever

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Leaving this to you guys before school! see ya you all BYE

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Sneaking in a writing prompt, feel free to ignore if not up for it: Human Sandy meets his Dream self. Tea party happens?


WOO this is late. 

Set sometime in 1969. It’s easier for humans to change than spirits.


It’s not a nightmare. Good. It’s not a dream with Kozzy in it. Still good, Sandy has to admit to himself. That’ll make it easier to wake up. But he still knows he’s dreaming, as a golden glow suffuses the room, and when Sandy turns he sees a short, luminous figure standing on the tiny balcony outside, knocking at the window. The thing to do seems to be to let him in, and so he does.

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ピッチ :やたら絡んでくる

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Lord Crime Husbands and Blood Red Blacksand for Emerald!

Trying to keep low the urge to check how to make dress up games

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My Blacksand Valentine for You


           I’m late! Boooo. 

Anyway, instead of a fill for the meme today I have some primarily fluffy blacksand, in which we learn who taught Pitch archery and Sandy is inclined to grant a wish or two. Happy Valentine’s Day!


            Even though it’s Valentine’s Day, and Sweet Nothings Bakery and Café is otherwise quite crowded, one small, two-person table set back in a corner remains inexplicably empty. Or, at least, it appears empty to most of the people there. The children who do notice that the table isn’t empty tend to not remark on it.

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I did draw the crossover ahhhhhh <3

kiddies here

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  • 1000 Times

[Some one sided, genderbent Quicksand loosely based around the song ‘1000 Times' by Sara Bareilles. Just a short, kinda sad thing since I'm feeling pre bleh at the moment.]

  • English; 875 words; Pitch Black & Sanderson Mansnoozie; Modern AU

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I always wanted to see something where Pitch could manifest sand clones of himself like he can manifest nightmares, the possibilities would be endless


Eehehe this one’s got to go under a read more even before the first paragraph. 

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