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Have a random, silly image: Sandy with a mini!PItch (because I remembered a drabble you requested from someone, where Sandy is teeny and I thought it needed a reversal o3o)




aw man the though of it is super cute! tho I not sure if tiny pitch is normal pitch in toy size or like my small sandy au idea, anyways, is super cute ahhhhhh!!


Inspired from the song “Gold” from the musical Once.

Pitch should be taller but oh well.

I had this AU idea where Sandy and Pitch are casual musician roommates who play at a cafe called “Man In the Moon”. They’re raising money for a better apartment and Sandy’s operations (because he has long-term illness -to be determined).

I’ll probably start writing a few dabbles here and there when I get inspired. Also feel free to use this idea or throw me ideas about the prompt. That’d be cool.

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also some extra

Sandy is totally worried about this situacion but he can’t help the feeling of “OH NO HE IS HOT” about his all life sweetheart in some sort of evil priest attire

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Sleepy touch Blacksand? *giant eyes*


It was hard to not be believed in.

Harder still to be conquered by one’s own nightmares, to hide in dark, desolate corners of one’s own lair, to turn nearly invisible — to go the way of failed spirits before him: wisps of barely collected consciousness. Memories. Ghosts.

Pitch took refuge in an ancient shape, one that he wore before humans were humans, when the brightest mind on the planet was a nervous primate that had yet to leave the safety of the trees.

He coiled in on himself and cursed the moon, and the darkness, and everything in between.

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I may regret some stuff I have draw but this is not one of them

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Black and Gold Glitter - A Pitch x Sandy upbeat 8-tracks playlist



I revised my original Black and Gold glitter playlist, adding tracks / rearranging and actually putting it on 8tracks this time! A lot of these are popular and newer dance songs but there are also some more unusual tracks sprinkled in (And I know not everyone listens to the radio). Enjoy!

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Today i made just lot of doodles in the more crafree way possible becuase I actually very slow at fast doodling and I think I need to fix that, enjoyyyyy!

also, nice reminder that my sweetheart sandmen!Pitch is basically a giant who carry around a more normal size sandy, I sometimes forget it actually

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Meeting alternates always seemed to go so well for Sandy, and so poorly for Pitch. This encounter was no different.

“Why are you feathered?” Pitch demanded, staring up at his (admittedly well-dressed counterpart). “Ornithophobia is not that common, not enough to deliver consistent nightmares. You don’t even have wings — you’re like a gothic Big Bird.”

“It’s how I was imagined,” Sandmann whispered. He peered down at Pitch quizzically. “Why were you imagined so short?”

Pitch bristled, his face flushing purple. “I am not short, you bird-brained— ow!” He turned to glare at Sandy and rubbed at his ear which had just been flicked by a whip of dreamsand. 

Sandy glared right back. Be nice. These are young spirits.

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The knock on the door comes just as the other four are beginning to wonder in earnest where Jack is, just as wonder starts to turn to worry. The knock, when it comes, comes with the force and suddenness of a late-spring blizzard, battering the Pole’s solid, heavy oaken doors as though they’re under siege. The blows to the door are accompanied by a shout that is sharp-edged with panic.

"Hey! Is anybody there? We need help!"

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some sketchs I did while listening to Blue Moon, I really liek that song, and this style is quite nice, maybe I should draw pitch this way from now on HUMP!

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I doodled my OC, Yue, Sanderson, and some Blacksand during English.

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Drew this during blacksand week (dark sandy) and never bother posting it. I drew this on the back of my notebook on the train home from work.


Just some Oldmen here *wink wink*

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