here is some blacksand to distract everybody of my other posts!

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anafieldelaunay turned twenty recently, and asked

!!! could I get some dinner date blacksand :DD (feel free to apply this prompt rather liberally)

The turning of the year (well, marypsue writing about the turning of the year and making me wish for it, it’s still 100 degrees during the day here) and thismightyneed's Harvesting AU, combined with more than a touch of whentheoceanmetsky's Fearspinner and Dreameater AU led to this.

The One-All-Light and the One-All-Dark meet when the One-All-Light completes his harvest.


            The One-All-Light drove his heavily laden wain slowly to the meeting place, pausing every so often at shacks or cabins far from other human dwellings to complete his harvest.

            By the time he reached the crossroads under a live oak dripping heavy with moss, the full moon was already high in the sky, and the One-All-Dark was already standing at the edge of the tree’s shadow. He stood still and silent, the dust of the road not daring to cling to the hem of the long black coat, his hands hidden in his long black sleeves, his face hidden under the wide brim of his flat black hat.

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I may regret some stuff I have draw but this is not one of them

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It’s my birthday, have a little blacksand with monster Sandy and regular Pitch.


Pitch did not squeak. Most certainly not.

            He looked up into the amused, curious, vast golden eyes of the vast golden creature holding him in their many arms. “You’re not going to tell anyone, are you?”

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agh the colors kinda mess up somehow but I guess is still okey

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blacksnad(Sandman + Pitch black)

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Distance Weapons (Pitch/Sandy) (9/5)


Original Prompt:

Sandy hates cuddling because it puts him to sleep in seconds (meaning that he end up being unable to do his job). 

Pitch uses this fact to his advantage (in any way you want annon! He could use it to put Sandy to sleep so he can spread more nightmares or for more…personal reasons. Or both!)

Pitch and Sandy fight for days until they can’t summon up any more sand. Not knowing when to stop, Pitch tries to wrestle Sandy, and the results are surprising.

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Talk blacksand to me.

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Have a random, silly image: Sandy with a mini!PItch (because I remembered a drabble you requested from someone, where Sandy is teeny and I thought it needed a reversal o3o)




aw man the though of it is super cute! tho I not sure if tiny pitch is normal pitch in toy size or like my small sandy au idea, anyways, is super cute ahhhhhh!!

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Inspired from the song “Gold” from the musical Once.

Pitch should be taller but oh well.

I had this AU idea where Sandy and Pitch are casual musician roommates who play at a cafe called “Man In the Moon”. They’re raising money for a better apartment and Sandy’s operations (because he has long-term illness -to be determined).

I’ll probably start writing a few dabbles here and there when I get inspired. Also feel free to use this idea or throw me ideas about the prompt. That’d be cool.

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also some extra

Sandy is totally worried about this situacion but he can’t help the feeling of “OH NO HE IS HOT” about his all life sweetheart in some sort of evil priest attire

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Sleepy touch Blacksand? *giant eyes*


It was hard to not be believed in.

Harder still to be conquered by one’s own nightmares, to hide in dark, desolate corners of one’s own lair, to turn nearly invisible — to go the way of failed spirits before him: wisps of barely collected consciousness. Memories. Ghosts.

Pitch took refuge in an ancient shape, one that he wore before humans were humans, when the brightest mind on the planet was a nervous primate that had yet to leave the safety of the trees.

He coiled in on himself and cursed the moon, and the darkness, and everything in between.

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I may regret some stuff I have draw but this is not one of them

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Black and Gold Glitter - A Pitch x Sandy upbeat 8-tracks playlist



I revised my original Black and Gold glitter playlist, adding tracks / rearranging and actually putting it on 8tracks this time! A lot of these are popular and newer dance songs but there are also some more unusual tracks sprinkled in (And I know not everyone listens to the radio). Enjoy!

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Today i made just lot of doodles in the more crafree way possible becuase I actually very slow at fast doodling and I think I need to fix that, enjoyyyyy!

also, nice reminder that my sweetheart sandmen!Pitch is basically a giant who carry around a more normal size sandy, I sometimes forget it actually

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